Getting your Man to Help you Plan

The perfect flower arrangement or bridesmaid dress might make you swoon, but your future husband may not feel the same way. Even so, there are still ways to involve him in the wedding planning.

Socially, we’ve fallen into a pattern by which men feel like they can pop the question and sort of put themselves on autopilot until the big day itself. Weddings are for the couple, but wedding planning is a “lady thing” some people seem to say. Here’s the thing though: wedding planning is a couple’s thing and you should both be working equally on it. Bridezillas might be bridezillas because they’re shouldering an unfair amount of the wedding-planning load.

But we can rant about this all day. Let’s talk about some practical ways to make your groom-to-be participate in the planning with you.

Getting your fiancé to help plan the wedding is all about making him interested in the wedding itself. Find something he loves, and then get him to help you with that part of the wedding.

Does your husband like music? Well then, let him help pick the playlist for the ceremony or the reception.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so why not have him help pick the reception menu? Or, something as simple as getting him to pick his favorite brew of beer for the reception is also a great way to involve the future hubby. Don’t forget to include him in the cake tasting!

Also, if your groom hasn’t helped plan yet, he may not know he’s allowed to! You never know how willing he will be to help unless you ask.

All of that being said, there are certain pieces to the wedding that you two need to choose together: the venue, the officiant, the procedure, etc. This should go without saying, but sometimes it doesn’t. Make sure you know that your fiancé’s opinion is valued and also that you don’t want to make these decisions alone.

And he should do the same for you. Remember that a healthy marriage means working equally for a better future for you both. Mutual respect and responsibility starts now.