Short and Sassy

Photographer:  CAPTURED BY TRISHA ALONZO PHOTOGRAPHY//Veils and headpieces: Marisol Aparicio//Dress Designer: Marisol Aparicio//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Tags: Outdoors, Vineyard, DIY, Luxury, Modern, Rustic, Traditional, Vintage

This bridal shoot is so unique because they used two different weddings gowns, one short and sassy and the other lengthy and sophisticated. Both dresses have a whimsical appearance to them, the sheer fabric just seems to flow, but they still have their own defining features. For example, the sleeves on the longer dress are gorgeous either on the shoulder or down on the arms. The tea length dress on the other hand has wide straps made for the shoulders and a pretty little sash with a rose for added detail.
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