The Math of Wedding Invites

What questions should you ask yourself when creating and then narrowing down your guest list?

  1. Talk about the guest list with your husband-to-be. Stick to close friends and family, then add or cut people from there.
  2. Consider your budget, plus-one guests, and venue size. You don’t want to be squeezing your pennies or squeezing in guests.
  3. Have you or your future husband talked to this person in the past year? Don’t waste an invitation!
  4. Don’t feel bad eliminating colleagues and business acquaintances. They will likely understand if you want to keep the wedding guests limited to close friends and family.
  5. Be firm with your parents about letting or not letting them have a say in the guest list. This is your day, your celebration!
  6. Stick to the guidelines you set for your list. If you prefer that children or plus-ones don’t attend, be firm in those decisions.

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