Popping the Bridesmaid Question

Friendship is special, and one of the many characteristics that make weddings special is those standing by your side. Here are a few ideas to ask your best girls to be a part of your special day!

Cupcake Jar—Fill a mason jar with your friends’ favorite flavors or give them a taste of the flavor of your wedding cake.

Inspiration Box—Put color samples, photographs of bridesmaid dresses, a hair accessory or other fun items into a bridesmaid box. This will give them a taste of your wedding vision!

Crossword—Create cute crossword puzzles for your future bridesmaids. The crossword words and hints can complete a short story about your friendship andfinish with DzWill you be my _________?"

Just asking the question is a gift in itself, and the experiences you will share together are an even greater gift of loving memories!

Popping the Bridesmaid Question